Name: LEGEND Rank
Price: 24.99 USD

LEGEND Rank is a Lifetime rank with many perks!


  • /skin: The ability to change your skin to another players!
  • /fly: The ability to fly in lobbies!
  • /invsee: The ability to see other peoples inventory!
  • /feed: The ability to feed yourself from anywhere in the server!
  • /nick: The ability to nickname yourself in game!

Global Perks:

  • Colored name: Your name will be golden!
  • LEGEND Prefix: You will have a cool LEGEND prefix in chat!
  • Benderplay Supporter: You will be a supporter of the Benderplay Network!
  • Chat colors: You will be able to access all of the chat colors! (&a &r &3 and so on)
  • Top Suggestion Priority: Gain access to the channel "Top Suggestions" on discord and be able to let Minebender9 know about your suggestions!

KitPvP Perks:

  • VIP Kit: Gain access to the VIP Kit!
  • STAR Kit: Gain access to the STAR Kit!
  • MYTHIC Kit: Gain access to the MYTHIC Kit!
  • MLG Kit: Gain access to the MLG Kit!
  • LEGEND Kit: Gain access to the LEGENDARY LEGEND KIT!
  • VIP Arena: Gain access to the VIP Arena with some fun parkour!
  • LEGENDARY ARENA: Gain access to the Legendary Arena with some epic stuff!
  • DUEL MAP SELECTOR: Be able to select a map for your duels!

Bedwars Perks:

  • Map Selector: The ability to select any Bedwars Map you want!
  • Special MLG Map: You will gain access to the special MLG Map!
  • EXCLUSIVE DIAMOND MAP: A special map only available to Legend ranks!
  • New Map Early Access: You get to test new maps before they release!

Skyblock Perks:

  • VIP Kit: Access to the VIP Kit on Skyblock!
  • STAR Kit: Access to the STAR Kit on Skyblock!
  • MYTHIC Kit: Access to the MYTHIC Kit on Skyblock!
  • MLG Kit: Access to the MLG Kit on Skyblock!
  • LEGEND Kit: Access to the LEGEND Kit on Skyblock!